Make your audience stay glued to your content & turn Browsers into qualified leads 

Stop having a sucky website, and convert your social media audience into qualified leads on your website 


...If you’re like most service entrepreneurs who struggle to put into words what you do and how you help others, you're NOT a copywriter and that has forced you to have a static website, with very little to say and no leads asking for more.

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What's Inside 

The Netflix Effect Website


  • Get Clarity for your Website - Who & Why do you serve? What's the transformation your service provides to them 

  • Go deeper on the 3 key menu sections on your website you should be focusing on to hook them

  • Learn How much information people REALLY want to know you and your business

  •  Know how to write about the struggles and transformation your service(s) provide to the user (potential client)

  •  Get my Non-Sucky Proof List for The N.E.W- How to do it & What to avoid when writing your website copy Worth €250 consultation

  • The Ultimate Checklist to not miss anything inside your Netflix Effect Website Worth 100
  • Do-it-Yourself Editable Templates for the sections on your website Worth €500 
  • Site Map structure & fill-in-the-blank sections Worth 300
All just for €10

OK... but What's REALLY inside? 


You’re going to get that Clarity 

for your Website - Who & Why do you serve? What's the transformation? We need to really understand who your potential client is, so your messaging on that website needs to reflect that from the start.

Get Clarity

The 3 key menu sections on your website you should be focusing on

We’re going to learn what's the exact order how people browse your website (services, about, home is not right order) by dissecting each section (and you’re going to be coming up with the right words and messaging for each of them.

Know your sections

How much should you be sharing about you on your website.

This one is really important, because I’ll be giving the exact percentage you should be talking about you, what questions to answer, everything is revealed there, so that you can later copy/paste into your website.

How much about me?

What's the percentage amount you should be writing about the struggles and transformation your service(s) provide to the user (potential client)?

I'll share with you what’s the percentage you should be talking about their pain and the transformation your services gives them. 

How much about them?

Get my Non-Sucky Proof List for The N.E.W- How to do it & What to avoid when writing your website copy

Here’s you’re going to get all my inside tips and tricks on how you should write, what to avoid like: cliché or old ways of writing that make your messaging and copy boring.

Don't want to suck

The Ultimate Checklist for The N.E.W

Ahh yes, this one is really important, because after you’ve done the work, there are few things you should make sure are inside your website! This is just in case you missed anything.

Checklist please!

Do-it-Yourself Editable Templates for the sections on your website.

The best part of the N.E.W is getting your hands dirty. After reading and understanding each section, what to say, how to say it, is that you get to build your website messaging and copy right there. Simply answer the questions you’re being asked and then copy/paste that into the website.

Templates what? In!

Site Map structure & fill - in the blank sections

This last part I’ve included so that you can visualize how you want to structure your website, this can also help you, especially if you want to hire a designer to do your website… This is the first thing they usually ask “ how many sections do you have? Now you know!


Site builder

But not only that, I know many of us, including myself, build our own websites… 

and we buy these templates or structures based on the amount of pages.

So when you have the clarity for your website with all the sections you want, then it will be easier to know what’s the right price you should be buying that website template…

I’ve seen too many people make the mistake of buying very restrictive website templates and when they want to change or add a section it's impossible… so they stay with what they have and that’s where these websites become obsolete and start collecting dust because maybe you don't have a section for a blog…

Don't think of your website as 4 sections (home, about, services, contact), think of your website as your ecosystem, where you want people to be educated, empowered, and entertained beyond social media.

A place where you’re empathetic to their needs, wants and desires.

And where you actually can show them their transformation with a no-brainer call to action. 

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What happens when you put out content on social media and people want to know about your services? but when they get to your website you’re bragging about your business… they leave.


For more than 15 years I’ve been a marketer, and at a point in my career I was the Director of a Service Centre managing over 300 websites worldwide, from branding, design, website structure, registrations to events, exhibitions, hotel accommodation, etc.

All those websites were and still are until this day. “informative”.

They were straight forward websites for medical and corporate events, targeted to an audience that already knew that they needed to sign up for that particular event.

But, when you’re in the service world, selling your services on a website is completely different.

Consumer behavior has completely changed the game, they want and expect more from you!

The information that should be on that website should be based on How your services can change someone’s life.

Because you got into the business of service, to serve others right?

Having a website is NOT about the years of experience in your industry or niche, awards, accomplishments. Yes, they are important, BUT It’s all about THEM, not YOU!

So your messaging and copywriting on that website needs to feel personal to whoever is reading it.

But here's the truth

You can become the best website designer, read every book about it, and attend every webinar about digital marketing and online business...


You can learn  everything about everything...


...and STILL not make a single euro($), get crickets, not attract a single sale, until you have the right answers to just two simple questions:


#1 Question

Who do I serve and how do I help? And how do I put that into words?

#2 Question

How do I take what I know in my head and put it into a website that others can feel connected to know more and follow to get results?


NO ONE (including you!) can ever build a thriving service business or better yet a Website without clarity on who specifically you serve and what exactly you do! 

And until you have a way to transfer your gifts, know-how, and expertise into the hands of customers so they can actually get results... you won’t ever have any results!

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Users (potential clients) DON'T say...

“I don’t get it, but here’s my money!”

NOPE! They say...

“OMG! That’s exactly what I need! It’s like you created this just for me! Take. My. Money!”

And if your audience hasn’t already been saying that...

...well, now you know why!

So, when you can answer these two vital questions with confidence & clarity, congratulations!

You too will have joined the Enlightened group of the few who make it through this entrepreneurial business successfully!

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